Invest YYC Spotlight: Dude, That's Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer

Chris Reimer was a talented Calgary musician, performing in groups including Women, Azeda Booth, Veritas and Gold as well as his own solo work. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 26 and Quickdraw Animation Studio has come up with an incredible way to keep his spirit alive. It is creating  a non-narrative animated short with several animators. Each animator will be given two of Chris's drawings to use as a starting and ending frame. They can do what they want with the in-between frames, and each animator's final frame will be the starting frame for the next animator. When it is completed, it will honour Chris through his own art and music as well as work that he inspired. Funds from this campaign will go toward paying the animators who have contributed their time and talent for free without asking for compensation.

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