Bee Kingdom Open Studio


Venue / Location:
Bee Kingdom Studios, 427 - 22 Ave NW

1 May 2010 - 12:00pm
2 May 2010 - 12:00pm

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Event Description:

Bee Kingdom invites you to their spring open house!  Bee Kingdom is a collective of three artists, Ryan Marsh Fairweather, Tim Belliveau, and Phillip Bandura.  The three artists built and run their own hot glass studio where they work collaboratively; their approach challenges conventional glass concepts to create an extensive range of truly niche glass sculpture.
As a visitor to the Bee Kingdom home studio you will be treated to live hot glassblowing demonstrations and a wide assortment of glass for sale.  You will find original hand-blown drinking glasses, ornaments, griendly gift-sized pieces and larger art works.  Their latest work features a wide range of hand-blown glass scuplture unique to the imaginations and aesthetics of each artists including subjects of the natural world, cute culture, and contemporary design.
Bee Kingdom recently visited Athens for their opening exhibition, "Cities in the Katakouzenos Museum," and were invited to the Glass Furnace in beautiful Istanbul where they collaborated with glass artist Feleksan Onar and demonstrated their own recognized designs.  Later this year the artists will travel to Berlin for their opening exhibition, "Soft Power," at the Nadania Idriss Contemporary Art Gallery, paired with a lecture at the Pergamon Museum.
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