El Jaguar


Venue / Location:
Loose Moose Theatre, SW Entrance, Crossroads Market, 1235 - 26th Ave. SE.

18 Jun 2010 - 8:00pm
19 Jun 2010 - 8:00pm

Ticket Price:
$15/$13 Students. Call 403 265-5682 for tickets

Event Description:

Arriba ! Arriba Arriba! Former WWF superstar returns from obscurity and a bad financial decade to claw his way back to the middle. Join the Mexican Luchador with '...enough energy to power the national grid.' (theratreview.org.nz) and witness El Jaguar wrestle with his own limitations to bring you a show that is an all out assault on comedy.  Winning rave reviews from Auckland to Wellington and other backwater hick towns flung far across the globe this is a show that is not your every day comedy show; it’s more a celebration of failure!

El Jaguar is the brainchild of Loose Moose Theatre and Second City alumni Derek Flores, known to Calgary audiences as the co-host of the cult late night live talk show Hot Nuts & Popcorn.

 Flores likens it to Rebecca Northan's hit Blind Date but with more Lycra and less romance.  Flores promises it will be a solo show that celebrates all the little mistakes in life and all the dreams that don't quite go according to plan.