Invest YYC Spotlight: John Ware Reimagined

He discovered oil, invented steer wrestling, rose from the dead, participated in legendary brawls and has a school, building, ridge, 4-H club, hill and two creeks named after him. John Ware was a cowboy and formerly enslaved rancher and he is at the centre of Cheryl Foggo's play that interweaves the story of the cowboy and his wife Mildred with the story of a 20th-century fringe-vest-wearing African-Canadian cowgirl. Through music, archival images and storytelling, this show explores what the past has to do with the present. It is produced by Ellipsis Tree Collective Theatre Company, directed by Kevin McKendrick with music by Miranda Martini and Kris Demeanor. It will be workshopped in April and presented in June. Funds raised will go toward the workshop presentation and design as well as paying the actors and musicians.  This campaign has almost reached its goal and ends April 20.

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